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Compatible with Magento® CE 2.0.x



CMS Block Scheduler and Widget advance targeting options

Easily schedule ahead of time all your design and content changes for sales, promotions or releases and target customer groups with relevant content.

This extension for Magento® 2 is a powerful solution to manage, display and target the content displayed to customers with only a couple of clicks. By using this extension for Magento® 2 you will enhance and extend default functionality of Magento® CMS Blocks and Widgets and you will be able to schedule and target ahead of time visibility of blocks, banners, promotions and events. Custom blocks of your choice can auto enable and become visible when the promotion starts and auto disable when the promotion ends. You will be able to target your customers and show customized content based on the Customer Group they are part from, give product / purchase recommendation, add “motivation” campaigns, encourage customers to purchase with relevant custom block content, right at the moment of buying. Your store can be scheduled in advance to look and feel different for each customer group, promotion, event or period of the year based on Date & Time, Customer Group and Store View scheduling. Each block can be tagged and assigned to a promotion, customer group or period of the year for easily filtering and control.

CMS blocks and Widgets enable store administrator to add and control custom chunks of HTML that can be displayed throughout the store. They’re perfect for seasonal banners, sale blocks, return policies, size charts, landing pages for marketing campaigns, promotional content at specific locations and anything that would make sense to modularize to make maintaining your site easier.

Use this extension for Magento® 2 to provide relevant content for your visitors, automatically display 'call to action' content for specific date & time interval, target customer groups with relevant content for each group. Plan ahead each promotion for your store, create in advance all necessary homepage banners, category page promotions, cart 'call to action' motivation content and schedule promo content visibility for the time promotion is activated. Don't worry about promo content being visible after the promotion has ended, blocks visibility will automatically disable when your promotions are over. Providing relevant targeted content will undoubtedly lead to a significant increase of your conversion rate and this extension provides you just the right tools to achieve that.


How the extension works: 

Magento® admin panel is the place where you control each custom block, when and where it is displayed in front-end view and to whom is displayed. Once extended options: Date Range, Customer Group and Tags are enabled in extension settings, this specific settings will be visible in all CMS block forms. By enabling Date Range control, new fields 'Valid From:' and 'Valid To:' will be activated in CMS block forms, by filling in the valid interval you control the when this block will be visible in frontend; if date interval is not filled, block will be visible all the time. By enabling Customer Group control, new multiselect field 'Customer Group' will be activated in CMS block forms, by selecting customer groups you control frontend visibility of the block only for selected group(s); if no group is selected, block will be visible to all customers. Options can be combined in order to offer enhances flexibility for custom content control. By enabling Tags a new field named 'Tag' will be activated for CMS block and Widget forms. Tags name can be pre-defined and easily assigned to each block and widget for easy filtering.

This extension for Magento® 2 activates the control features out of the box, just install the extension and Date Range, Customer Group and Tag control for blocks and widgets will be activated by default. If you wish to use only a part of this features you can easily go to extension options and activate only the features that you need for your store.



Control when you display the content - control time interval when the CMS blocks and widgets will be displayed to your customers

Display relevant content to your vistors - control to whom you display the content - target your audience and display the blocks to a specific customer group

Tag your Widgets - set tags and you can easily group and control your Widget

Tag your CMS Blocks - set tags and you can easily group and control your CMS Blocks

Enable or disable Tags

No need for changes in template or layout files. 

Meets Magento® programming practices and customization compatibility

Easy to setup

Easy installation


How to install:

Step 1 Before installing WeltPixel Advance Widget and CMS Block on a Magento® 2 Store please check the theme compatibility. This extension is currently compatible with the following Magento® versions: 2.0, 2.0.x It is recommended to install the theme first on a testing server before you install it on a live (production) server.

Step 2 Copy the extension files in app/code/ of your Magento® 2 instance.

Step 3 Access the root of your Magento® 2 project from command line and run the following commands:

php bin/magento module:enable WeltPixel_Backend --clear-static-content

php bin/magento module:enable WeltPixel_AdvanceBlocksWidgets --clear-static-content

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 4 Flush any cache that you might still have enabled on your server or in Magento®.

Step 5 Woohoo, the extension is installed!


What’s new in 1.0.2 (October 10, 2016):

  • Composer dependency version changes

What’s new in 1.0.1 (July 05, 2016):

  • Removing the unnecessary dependency