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Google Analytics 4.
Get Your Head Start.

Starting July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics properties will no longer be processing new data. If you still rely on Universal Analytics, it's important to get a head start and switch to using Google Analytics 4. Doing so will allow you to build historical data and usage in the property, ensuring continuity once Universal Analytics is no longer available.

Stack. Magento 2 Extension Bundle.

A revolutionary, extension based solution for
faster, more stable development.

WeltPixel Stack Framework Magento

    According to Magento

    65000+ Happy Customers using
    WeltPixel Products.

    28+ Compatibility maintained
    with each Magento release.


Pearl Theme for Magento 2.

Great value pack, appreciate multiple extensions that are included with Pearl Theme. Saves a lot of time and money as they are already compatible with each other. Also it's great that WeltPixel keeps improving the theme with each month, adding new extensions and features to the pack. It's nice to see that this product in continuously improved and compatibility maintained with each Magento release. Gives me great confidence to use Pearl also for other stores.


The best
Magento 2 Documentation. Support Center.

Faced a problem? No worries! If it's something you cannot figure out our

extended documentation and support center is there to help you!

Also the support team is always happy to help!


At WeltPixel we turn complicated business requirements into simple solutions. Built on years of experience working with retail teams of all sizes, extensive

user testing, and a commitment to constant refinement,our platform makes running your site easy so you can focus on running your business.


Pearl Theme for Magento 2.

The Welt Pixel team has been so helpful to us over the time that we've been using their Pearl theme. The theme itself is really powerful and lets us do a lot more visually on our site than we ever considered before. We're hoping to move our secondary website to Magento in the near future and we'll definitely be using Welt Pixel when that happens. Thank you guys!!



With over 50 retail locations, KicksUSA is one of the largest retailers of urban footwear and apparel on the East Coast of the United States. Using Cleo Theme and WeltPixel, KicksUSA achieved a 60% sales growth and received the "2017 Impact Awards - Rising above the noise" for Analytics and Measurement.

How KicksUSA boosted their bottom line while powered by WeltPixel solutions.

Read more..


Together we are stronger! We have partnered up with key companies to help you achieve the best experience and take your online business to a new level.

  • "Premiers form deep, strategic technology relationships with Magento to broaden our portfolio of solutions. Our Premiers invest in Magento by extending our technological innovation, thought leadership programs, best practices, merchant training, and go-to-market efforts. This level is by invitation only."- Magento Inc.

  • Hosting infrastructure design for complex systems to fit your needs

  • Quick hosting support

  • Security, CDN and Varnish implementation

  • Get up and ready in a matter of day, fully optimization guaranteed

  • User Generated Content (UGC) Certified solution

  • Implementation and Strategy guidance to maximize the return on your investment

Magento Custom

Expand Close Magento Development Enterprise
Magento Development Enterprise Magento Development Enterprise
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Magento Development Enterprise Magento Development Enterprise
Expand Close Magento Development Enterprise
Magento Development Enterprise Magento Development Enterprise


Improved Category Pages
Layered Navigation - Products that cannot be found cannot be purchased.

We implemented for Magento 1 the most advance and user experience optimized layered navigation. Filtering products was never easier. Filter by size, by color, multi-select and price sliders will allow your customers to find the exact product they were looking for.

Quick View - Less clicks = higher conversion.

The quick view functionality allows your customers to add and configure products directly from the category page. The quick view functionality is fully responsive.

Customizable product grid view.

You choose how many products you show on the category page! Show or Hide your price, cart button, swatches, ratings, wishlist button or compare button. All options are available from the Admin Panel

Improved Product Pages

The best Product Pages are clean, readable, informative and the images are the highlight of the page. The fold of your page is fully customizable. Easily adjust the width of your image and product information area.

Product Image Cloud Zoom and Lightbox will showcase all the details in your amazing pictures. Show or hide thumbnails and choose where you display them on the page

Pricing, discounts and stock availability is carefully positioned where your customers are expecting them to see. The colors, font and visibility can be easily configured from the Admin Panel.

Add to cart button is fully customizable. Color, font and hover over behaviour can all be changed to improve conversion rate.

Product description position options available either below or on the right hand side of the page. Display product description and specification in Tabs, Accordion or List everything nicely throughout the page.

Flexible & Customizable Layout

Both Magento 1 and Magento 2 themes are built on top of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. We enhanced the Bootstrap grid with helper classes, hiding or displaying certain divs, adding standard padding or margin to any element now it's done using predefined classes. This helps you maintaining a consistent design, spacing and alignment throughout your website.

Lookbook Enabled

An excellent way to market current trends using lifestyle imagery to inspire and pique interest in upcoming product lines. Using the carousel and interactive hover state functionality, users can shop right from the look book interface.

In-Depth Documentation

Cleo and Magento 2 Theme Pearl is thoroughly documented, with both an offline and online documentation and descriptions of all available options.

Frequent Updates

We find a bug, we fix it! Simple as that! Every time Magento releases an new update we make sure that all our products are fully compatible

Fast and Friendly Support

Need Help? Don’t worry, our highly professional team of support consultants is there for you at all times.


Social Integration
Customers hate creating accounts and having to remember usernames and passwords. This one of the biggest drop-off step for your store! Your customers also want to see that your products are appreciated and shared on social media!

Make Login faster and easier with Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Instagram. Place share buttons on Product Pages, Look books and help your customers to easily share whenever you have a new release, promotion or a Big Sales Showcase on your Home Page, Collection, Look book and Product Page how your products are loved on Social Media and gain Social Proof!

Highly customizable product feeds for Google and Facebook

Publication of your product feed to Google and Facebook will allow you to attract more new buyers to your store. These feeds often are very complex and hard to manage, we are here to help you create the prefect the feed so you can start selling your products tomorrow

Product SEO - Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page.

Email Integration & Automation

You can create targeted campaigns, automate helpful product follow-ups, and send back-in-stock messaging. Learn what your customers are purchasing, then send them better email.

Robust marketing automation makes sure your emails get to the right people at the right time. Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales.

Advanced reporting features you can access anywhere. Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform your email content with purchase data using Google Analytics.

Product Reviews trusted by Google
63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews

Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers.

Did you know that Product Reviews trusted by Google can save money on Google Advertising? We will integrate your store with the most powerful review systems available! Increase your Click-Through-Rate on Google Advertising and beat your competition!

Become a Google Trusted Stores!
Becoming a Google Trusted Stores will increase your Conversion Rate and decrease your Paid Advertising cost!

We did the integration and we analyzed the results!

One Page Checkout Integration Ready
1 in 10 people who abandon their cart do so because the checkout process is too long. Reduce cart abandonment by offering the entire purchase process on a single page.

A lack of transparency and the request for upfront details when purchasing online is the biggest cause of drop offs according ecommerce polls. The research polled over 1,200 online users, asking why they would abandon an order when shopping online. The results were:

Having to register before buying – 29%

Hidden charges at the checkout – 41%

Lengthy checkout process – 10%

Not clear delivery details – 11%

Phone number not provided on website – 8%

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager enabled

Google Tag Manager for Magento with full support for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking, Social Network interaction tracking, Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel, Custom Dimensions, User ID data acquisition and User Timings Tracking.

Track product impressions, product detail views, add to cart actions, remove from cart actions, checkout steps, refunds, purchases and promotions performance in Magento with Google Tag Manager/p>

Marketing Magento 2
Magento 2 Security


Magento + Varnish Cache = Speed
1 Second Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales! How much it cost you?

Speed: High speed and performance ensure a smooth user experience.

Scalability:No matter the number of users accessing your content, it scales - and if volume peaks and servers become unavailable, high availability will ensure that your last good update is available to visitors.

Impact on bottom line:Once Varnish Cache is optimized for your content delivery, you can reduce the number of web servers supporting your website by up to 89%, resulting in lower maintenance costs, a smaller carbon footprint and a quick ROI.

Improved user experience and customer conversion:Your customers value web speed and reliability. A faster more reliable website will have positive effects on your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, conversion rates and revenue.

Magento Specialized Hosting

Our preferred hosting provider Nexcess, the original Magento web hosting provider, implemented a Secure Isolated Platform (SIP) which is an entirely self-contained and fine-tuned eCommerce hosting environment. Their SIPs include a ready-to-launch Magento store with the most current release and optimizations for maximum performance. Nexcess offers a full range of Magento 1.x and 2.x hosting options in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia.

Magento Optimized - The most speed, stability and security out of Magento.

PCI Compliance - A 100% fully PCI compliant hosting environment.

Get Clustered! - Big stores need big performance muscle.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration
We use multiple networks from different service providers to provide reliability & low latency routing of your applications traffic.

Multiple service providers

Premium connectivity & peering

PCI compliant infrastructure

Network threat detection

Future-proof with HTTP/2 today

TLS/HTTPS via SNI (Qualys A+)

Web Application Firewall (WAF) with ModSecurity

Web application firewall (WAF) to protect your website from malicious attacks and unknown software vulnerabilities. Features include virtual patching.

Cross-Site Scripting XSS

Remote File Inclusion

SQL Injection

Illegal Resource Access


PayPal, First Data... you name it, we integrate

We've integrated with the most known 3rd party service providers and created automations that save our customers time and money!

Fraud Detection with minFraud

The minFraud service determines the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent based on many factors, including whether an online transaction comes from a high risk IP address, high risk email, high risk device, or anonymizing proxy. One of the key features of the minFraud service is the minFraud Network, which allows MaxMind to establish the reputations of IP addresses, emails, and other parameters.

Key features of the minFraud service include:

The riskScore (The likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent)

Geographical IP address location checking

High risk IP address and email checking

Proxy detection

Device tracking

Bank Identification Number (BIN) to country matching

The minFraud Network

Prepaid and gift card identification

Post query analysis

Prices start at $0.005 per transaction

For more details check out our Magento 2 Maxmind Fraud Prevention Extension

Tax Automation with Avalara or TaxJar

Tax calculation is one of the most frustrating steps to managing transactional tax – and the first place where something is likely to go wrong. Knowing when you have to apply tax, which type of tax, what rate, and what tax rules apply can be daunting, especially if you’re relying on people or basic software or systems to do it for you. Relax. We’ve got your back. Avalara’s automated tax calculation engines are powerful and proven accurate. Which means you not only reduce risk, but save time and money too. Leave the taxing parts of business to us and get back to calculating what really matters to you – profits.

Customer Support with Zendesk

Businesses are made of relationships! Integrate you Ecommerce store with Chat, Voice and even Facebook Messanger!

Support - An elegant customer service system for dealing with inbound ticket requests from any channel — email, web, social, phone, or chat.

Self Service - An easy way for users to help themselves, quickly find what they need, and minimize their frustration.

Engagement - A feature suite that gives you data and insights to build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.

Magento 2 Integrations
Magento 2 Development


Magento 1 certified and Magento 2 trained Developers
Our team throughout their career worked on many Magento Enterprise and Community Edition Clients. They implemented many complex solutions and integrated with ERP and Payment solutions.

We are highly experienced, qualified and Magento Certified! For Magento 2 we went through the entire training program to get up to speed with the new infrastructure and best practices.

While developing Magento 2 Theme Pearl, we had a phenomenal hands-on experience facing many challenges but we always managed to overcome!

Project Management in Jira
The #1 software development tool used by agile teams

We use Jira to track every project. No mater it's an internal project or your project. Staying organized and well planned out guarantees on-time delivery of every project.

Prototyping and design approval via InVision

Do you have a specific design in your mind? We all do! Other companies will give you a simple Photoshop mock-up, a flat image that you cannot interact with.

We do all our design in InVision! We add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes.

You then give us your feedback directly on the design! Collaboration was never easier!

When you are happy with your design, we implement everything into your website. Your customers experience will be just like you imagined and it will interact as designed!

Development Environment and Source Control in GitHub

Are you afraid that code changes or updates can destroy your website? We do too! Therefor the first thing we do is to setup a Development and Staging Environment! We test complex changes locally before deploying to staging or production using development tools like git and Vagrant. We use source control to make and track changes over time. Each branch is a separate environment.

Cross-Device and Browser testing via BrowserStack

We want the websites that we develop to appear as they were designed to look on all browsers and all devices – whether that’s a desktop PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

We use PHPStorm to write all our code

Magento combines a lot of built-in tools and approaches designed to facilitate all development processes, and most significantly, enhance the source code quality. As a consequence, the product quality raises simultaneously.

One of the most important tools for quality developments in Magento is PhpStorm:

“Intelligent coding assistance”

“PHP IDE that actually ‘gets’ your code”.

That’s what PhpStorm is for developers!

Project collaboration and live chat via Slack
We love Slack! But really... who doesn't?

We don't just use Slack for internal communication! We invite you to participate as well! We found that having a direct line to our developers and project managers makes everything much easier, faster and productive!


Want to expand your business? try integrating your favourite apps and platforms in your online store. We successfully integrated and custom developed integrations with the following:

Magento 2 Custom Development

Fantastic experience


Fantastic experience working with the Welt Pixel team who implemented their Magento theme for us for at Robinsons Furniture This was our first Magento website and they’ve made it extremely easy for us at every step of the way from design to implementation, payment solutions, stocking the store, and processing orders to the final store finished. They worked with our hosting provider and integrated the store to Linnworks. You are involved in the process every step of the way through google docs and Slack and a special shout out to @Marius and @Dragos for making it happen.

- COLIN CLARK, Robinsons Furniture

WeltPixel Awesome

Magento 2 modules developed by WeltPixel are compatible with both Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2

Open Source. Extensions are used by thousands of users, were developed and tested with great care.



The modern responsive design combined with conversion oriented features offers the customer the ultimate shopping experience by allowing cart summary review in one glance without leaving the shopping page.



Help your customers find the right products, increase conversion rate and reduce friction with ajax search autocomplete.



The Mega Menu extension helps merchants create a better look and professional navigation menu easily without technical skills. Categories can be presented in multiple formats in order to fit each category structure and provide a better navigation experience for the end user.



The modern responsive design combined with conversion oriented features offers the customer the ultimate shopping experience by allowing cart summary review in one glance without leaving the shopping page.


Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for Magento 2.

There are several extension for Tag Manager available for Magento 2. It was overwhelming figuring out which module is the best or the right one. They all looked good to me. Due to the feature set and asking around about the reputation of weltpixel, it was highly recommended that I use this solution. I installed it and I am impressed!!!! I've used many modules in the past, but this one goes above and beyond. The developers really put some thought into their solution. They didn't just develop the extension, they have a full understanding of how Google Analytics and Tag Manager works. I didn't understand this about their solution until I installed it and was it magically configure all the things I could have easily spent days trying to figure out and tweak. Installing the module and putting in my account codes was all that was needed and the module did the rest. Kudo's - highly impressive solution!!!!!


Recent WeltPixel Blog Posts

Check out the most recent Blog Posts from WeltPixel to stay up to date with the latest releases and news!


Partner Benefits:

  • Priority Support for Developers & Web Agencies
  • Leads for custom development services
  • Up to 45% discount for all WeltPixel products
  • Early access to product releases
  • Direct communication with Dedicated Manager
  • Badge on official WeltPixel partners page
  • Mentions on WeltPixel media channels


  1. Drop us a line and provide a brief description about your activity in eCommerce market. We’ll review your application and send you a partnership on-boarding link.
  2. Your partner account is activated once we confirm your account's purchases for the year have surpassed $2000. Alternative methods of joining can also be discussed, so if you're interested, you can reach out to us and we'll schedule a quick meeting!.
  3. Your account and associated email addressed is flagged with higher priority in our support system.
  4. An initial 25% discount is applied to all purchases associated to your account. Once you reach $5000/yr revenue, you will receive 35% discount; once you reach $10.000/yr revenue your account discount will increase to 45%.
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