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Audio Advice.

Store type: Audio & Home Technology.

If you were wondering how the Pearl. Theme gets along with videos, Audio Advice is the site to go to. We say that they integrated the video content just perfectly into the design of the page, blending in awesomely with the minimalist design. Just like us, these guys believe in aesthetics, and just by browsing their website you get that professional vibe and I-want-to-work-with-them feeling.

Stacked Skin Care.

Store type: Cosmetics

You can’t go wrong using a simple and minimalistic colour pallette. That’s exactly the recipe that Stacked Skin Care went by while designing their website using Pearl Theme. It looks clean and neatly organized, just like a cosmetics online store should look like.


Store type: clothing and embroidered products

Considering their background, Workscene’s online store looks bold and professional. Using our theme, their website is really easy to navigate through and the showcased products are popping up in a really beautiful manner.


Store type: Personalized Gifts

When you are selling something as unique as framed heart-shaped maps, you would probably aim for a simple, yet sophisticated, online store in order to highlight your crafts. The Pearl Theme looks amazing with a few touch-ups made by Bombus. The playful colours and textures really highlight the hand-crafted products and if you take a look at our theme, you can really tell that they are fans of personalization.

Johnson Fitness & Wellness.

Store type: Fitness Equipment

This is a great example of how minimal branding elements can blend perfectly with Pearl Theme. It’s such a nice experience to browse this website given the fact that the visuals get along really well with the organized menus and information.

The Fresh Company.

Store type: Food & Dry Goods

The overall feel of this store is so fresh that invites you to browse their bio products. Our theme never looked so good dressed in earthy tones, carefully selected fonts and clear and clean photographs.

Bella Baby.

Store type: Baby products

This website is so colorful that it makes it obvious from the homepage that the showcased products are destined for children. Pearl theme is a great match from this online business, since it gets along really well with hand drawn images, colorful products and color matches that really pop up.


Store type: Bed Clothing

Working with fabrics is not an easy job, especially selling them. Fortunately, Pearl Teamed up with this online store in dorder to make things work smoothly. Just take a look at the colors, fonts and minimal design of the webpage.

Robert Old 1909.

Store type: Clothing

This online store is selling men’s clothing, but considering the way they placed every block, color and font you can sense the premium feel. We are glad Pearl Theme can make every merchant’s website appealing to its own target audience.

Balleh. (Right To Left)

Store type: Makeup and Cosmetics

Balleh website is available in both English and Arabic, and that makes it so interesting. Our theme is open to all cultures and people from all over the world are using it, therefore it is really easy to use it with a different alphabet.

Renaissance Skincare.

Store type: Cosmetics

This one is making things really interesting. It has no category page and this only proves the versatility of Pearl Theme. Apart from this, the visual impact is stirred by the color combination, the neatly organized blocks and the impactful images.


Store type: Body Care Products

Clean and sophisticated were the things that came to our minds when we first saw this website. Our theme lets you bring out the products on your store and highlighting them in


Store type: Jewelry

Canvas really brought up the best features in pearl and made them into really important assets to their website. The pastel colors are really giving Canvas a really summery feel and invites you to browse through their products.

Sutil’s Fine Wine.

Store type: Wine

Who knew wine products could bend in so well with our theme? This store makes a huge visual impact using our theme’s settings. We really love what they did with the product page, the details and images are really astonishing.


Store type: Pharmaceuticals

Build using Pearl Theme, the Pharmaca website is just perfect for its target audience. It showcases its products in a beautiful manner, while having a neat and organized aspect. It’s also easy to navigate through the pages and its color combinations are really great.

Pure Rugs.

Store type: Rugs

Now that’s what we like to call an astonishing website. Pure has made the most of Pearl Theme by using only carefully selected fonts and hints of color in order to highlight their beautiful products. The whole store has an exquisite aspect.

National Range Cookers.

Store type: Range Cookers

We like to see our theme being used in different backgrounds and settings. National Range Cookers has such a different approach, that it had to make it to the hall of fame. Bold colors, clear information and lots of pictures are what makes this online store look amazing and professional.

Simple Shapes.

Store type: Wallpapers

You probably noticed we are big fans of simple yet sophisticated websites and minimalist designs. We were absolutely blown away when we saw Simple Shapes’s online store and their friendly and colorful approach. They really made the most of Pearl.Theme.


Store type: Clothing

We got such a bold website over here, we just couldn’t keep it off this gallery. We also love seeing people using our solution at its full potential while making their store pop and highlighting their visual identity.

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