Partners & Affiliates.

WeltPixel is a Premier Magento Extension Builder looking to establish close relationships with both developers, web agencies and affiliates.

Using our products on a regular basis combined with the partner prioritized support will result to a deeper understanding of our solutions, faster resolution to issues that your project experience, saving time and cutting development and costs. Regular use of WeltPixel products will qualify you for Custom Development Leads as WeltPixel customers usually ask for a Magento agency / developer already familiar with our solutions.

As an affiliate you will receive motivating commissions and direct line of communication with a dedicated manager that will help you better understand and promote our products. Affiliate program goal is to help the final customer grow it’s business while rewarding the efforts of our affiliates to bring WeltPixel products in the spot light of the Magento industry.

Partner Program.

Partner Benefits:

  • Priority Support for Developers & Web Agencies
  • Leads for custom development services
  • Up to 45% discount for all WeltPixel products
  • Early access to product releases
  • Direct communication with Dedicated Manager
  • Badge on official WeltPixel partners page
  • Mentions on WeltPixel media channels

How Partner Program works:

  1. Drop us a line and provide a brief description about your activity in eCommerce market. We’ll review your application and send you a partnership on-boarding link.
  2. Your partner account is activated once the yearly partnership fee is paid. ($99/yr)
  3. Your account and associated email addressed is flagged with higher priority in our support system.
  4. An initial 25% discount is applied to all purchases associated to your account. Once you reach $5000/yr revenue, you will receive 35% discount; once you reach $10.000/yr revenue your account discount will increase to 45%.


Affiliate Benefits:

  • Constant passive income paid monthly.
  • 20% commission for referred sales.
  • Access to WeltPixel Marketing Materials
  • Direct communication with Dedicated Manager

How Affiliate Program works:

  1. You place an affiliate link on your website and direct customers to purchase products from
  2. Referrals and commissions tracked in real time under your affiliate account.
  3. We send you monthly payments with 20% commission for referred sales.