Magento 2 Store Locator Extension with Google Maps.


The Magento 2 Store Locator requires a WeSupply account. WeSupply is a 3rd party service powered by WeltPixel. Create an account and START YOUR FREE TRIAL here. More information about pricing can be found at WeSupply plans.

WeSupply also supports Returns / RMA and Estimate Shipping Delivery Date functionalities.


“What time is your downtown location open until?”
“How do I get there from my house?”
“What’s the phone number there?”
“Does that location offer all of your services?”

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? If that's the case, go ahead to WeSupply's Store Locator Page.

Our Magento 2 Store Locator Page uses online visibility to drive foot traffic to physical locations. When your customers search for a specific location, they can easily find opening and closing hours, store’s phone numbers, and Google Maps addresses on the results page. Each store can be linked to Yelp, so that direct reviews are associated with specific stores. Sort all store locations by type so that customers know in advance whether specific services are available or not.

The Magento 2 Store Locator Page is mobile-ready, SEO-friendly, and very easy to manage. Provide clear information to your customers and enjoy increased in-store traffic and conversion rate!


  • Unlimited number of locations on Store Locator Page & Map.
  • Display your own stores or dealers selling your products all over the world.
  • Complete Store Detail Page.
  • Manage In-Store & Curbside Pickup locations.
  • Display instructions for pickup and curbside delivery.
  • Return products to closest store or specific locations.
  • You can use your CSS for a fully customized Store Locator Page.
  • Mobile-responsive design.
  • Call the store by simply clicking on the phone number.
  • Custom description for each location (About Store).
  • Show directions on Google Maps (“Get Directions” button).
  • SEO-optimized store pages (Schema.org).
  • Google Analytics integration for retail insights.
  • Store Feedback on social media or keep it internally.
  • Social media links for stores to Google, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook.
  • Sort physical store locations by Store Features.
  • Find Stores near me with Automatic Geo-Location detection.
  • Search stores by country, state, region, city and store locations.
  • Display/hide particular locations on the map.
  • Browse other offline stores near me.
  • Show Product Recommendations and Sale Banners to monetize your page.
  • Manage all your stores by uploading a CSV file.

To benefit from all these features, start your Magento 2 store locator extension Free Trial HERE


When searching for their favorite location, let your customers choose! Visual customers can choose a location on the map, while others can choose to locate a particular store from the store list. They can find a store by the "nearest location", based on ZIP code, map, or filtering by country / state / city range.

Illustrated graph where's my order.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification UPS tracking page.


The closest store is detected based on the visitor's current geographic location. Using latitude and longitude, geolocation provides them with precise coordinates. This is very helpful for customers who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood or zip code.


Show the nearest locations to any store. This is the perfect choice when you have multiple locations within close radius and your customers are looking for a product that may not be available at the closest store.

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification tracking page example.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification omnichannel order tracking example graphic.


With personalised map pins/markers, you can provide your customers a unique experience with your brand. Keep them engaged, avoid using common icons.

Store Detail Page

This is where you can give your customers all the information they need about a particular store location. Now, phone numbers, directions, it's all there! It's also a great place to integrate newsletter subscription option so you can build your list and let the customers know when there's a new product or promotion at a store close to them. It’s great that all these sites can be monetized. If you are using personalization services (Sailthru, Nosto, etc.), you can integrate those with the Store Locator page to display dynamic banners with products based on user profiles. This help you you to attract more customers while also increasing your in-store traffic and income!

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification KicksUSA statistics example and photo of shoes.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification Nosto, Sailthru, and Emarsys logos next to image of a phone engaged in shopping.


Show location-specific social accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Link each store directly to its corresponding Yelp to get accurate reviews, which will educate customers and build trust.


If your eCommerce business has many store locations, chances are they aren't all the same. It’s a flagship or a pop up store? Does the store accept returns? Can you hold special events there? These attributes and more can be filtered so the the customer won’t disappointed if they accidentally travel to the wrong location. If your business has many locations, chances are they aren’t all the same. For instance, is it a flagship store or pop up? Do you take returns at that location? Host special events there? All of these attributes can be filtered so the customer avoids any disappointment by travelling to the wrong place by accident

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification GIF illustrating various branded tracking pages.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification Nosto, Sailthru, and Emarsys logos next to image of a phone engaged in shopping.


The Google Analytics integration means just a one-step action! This will help you get valuable data and insights into locations that are the most searched, the most called, or visited, and which are the ones that are top-requested on map. We track all this data, so you can manage further!


The Magento 2 Store Locator Page blends both design & technology to give your customers a top-notch experience while driving them right to your retail points. Google Maps directions, store addresses, instructions, and phone numbers are just a click away!

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification sample Customer Satisfaction graph.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification sample Net Promoter Score graph.


The Magento 2 Store Locator Page is very easy to put up! With a user friendly interface on phones, and desktops, and other devices you can make sure that no customer is left out.


All Store Locator pages are completely SEO Optimized to help you enhance your SEO strategy! Make the most from your customers’ search for information to drive those back to your website where they will be ready to purchase your products.

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification sample Customer Satisfaction graph.
Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification sample Net Promoter Score graph.


Just upload a CSV file to manage all the stores in bulk and we take care of the rest!


  • Step 1:
    Before installing the WeSupply extension on a Magento 2 store, please check the extension compatibility. This extension is currently compatible with the following Magento versions: 2.0.X. - 2.4.x. It’s recommended to install the extension on a dev server before installing it on a live (production) server.
  • Step 2:
    Copy the extension files to below paths of your magento 2 instance. If ‘app/code/WeSupply’ folder is missing, please create it manually:
  • Step 3:
    Access the root of your magento 2 project from command line and run the following commands:
    php bin/magento module:enable WeSupply_Toolbox --clear-static-content
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Step 4:
    Flush any cache that you might still have enabled on your server or in Magento.
  • Step 5:
    Woohoo, the extension is installed!


  • Step 1. Remove extension code under app/code/WeSupply/Toolbox before adding the new extension files. The extension may be refactored and old unused files may cause random issues so it's best to only keep the latest version of the files.
  • Step 2. Follow normal installation instructions above.
Tech Specifications
CompatibilityMagento Open Source, Magento Commerce, Magento Commerce Cloud B2B
Magento version2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.x, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3, 2.4.4, 2.4.5, 2.4.6, 2.4.7
Update frequencyMonthly or each time a new Magento version is released
Support period12 Months Included Support, with options to extend
Refund period30 days, for any reason
UpdatedJune 20, 2024
Latest version1.14.3
Code100% Open Source Code
Bundle optionsFor best value buy it as part of the Pearl Theme or Stack Framework
Bundle Promotion PackNo
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