Boosting conversions with the WeltPixel Quick Cart Extension

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Boosting conversions with the WeltPixel Quick Cart Extension

The ability for customers to check out as quickly as possible can make or break a store, especially since, with the recent exodus to online businesses, the competition is as strong as ever. Users are looking for the fastest and most convenient experience possible and you need to make sure you offer them just that in order to stay relevant!

We created the Quick Cart extension with this in mind, and have been improving it ever since it was first launched with new features to increase convenience and help customers make the most out of the mini-cart.

In the most recent update, the extension has received two major new features that both help continue this trend and that allow you to provide them the ease of use and convenience they need:

  • The ability to add a Coupon/Discount Code via the Quick Cart
  • Related/Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Product Carousels in the Quick Cart

Adding a Coupon Code can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if customers aren't sure where precisely they can be introduced. By default, Magento allows customers to add their codes on the Cart Page, and in the Checkout, at the final step. The Cart Page is often not even visited (if your Quick Cart is doing its job) and the field in the Checkout can be easy to miss. 

By letting customers input their discounts in the Quick Cart, you ensure they use the code and have a great incentive to complete the purchase, thereby securing a higher conversion rate!

What's even cooler is that, since the module comes with a feature that can be used to display Custom Messages in the mini-cart, you can advertise your promotion and the associated code so the customer can use it on the spot!

Quick Cart Coupon Code

Upselling products correctly can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if it's not done in the correct locations. The Product Page is a great place to do this because it ensures the user's interest is focused on a product type, which means it's a great time to show more!

Another great place to upsell is the mini-cart, which is usually opened once an item is added. This is even better than the Product Page because it shows a stronger intent of actually purchasing that item. With the Quick Cart extension, you can now display Carousels based on the first, or the last item added to the cart. The Carousel types you can choose from are the following:

  • Related Products Carousel
  • Up-Sell Products Carousel
  • Cross-Sell Products Carousel

Quick Cart Carousel

Here are the steps to configure these new options and start selling more!

Note: You'll need to be running a version equal to or greater than 1.10.15 of the Quick Cart extension to be able to access these options. Moreover, to use the Related, Up-Sell, or Cross-Sell Carousel functionality, you'll also need the Magento 2 Owl Carousel & Banner Slider extension installed and configured.

Step 1 - Enabling the Coupon Code functionality

Head to Admin -> WeltPixel -> Quick Cart Settings -> Shopping Cart Content Design and set the Enable Coupon Codes option to Yes.

Enable Quick Cart Coupon

Step 2 - Enabling the Carousel functionality

Head to Admin -> WeltPixel -> Quick Cart Settings -> Carousel Options and set the Display Carousel Option to Yes.

Enable Quick Cart Carousel

Step 3 - Choosing the Carousel Type

Configure the Carousel Type option and choose which Carousel type you want to include in the Quick Cart. You have a choice between the following:

  • Related Products
  • Up-Sell Products
  • Cross-Sell Products

Step 4 - Choosing which item to display the Carousel for

The Display Carousel For option allows you to choose which item you want the Carousel to be generated for. You can choose to use the Related, Up-Sell, or Cross-Sell items for either:

  • The first item added to the cart
  • The last item added to the cart

Step 5 - Configuring other design options

The rest of the options are design options and allow you to configure the way the Carousel title and arrows look. You can also choose the number of items you want to display on both Desktop and Mobile, with a choice between 1 or 2 items.

Step 6 - Flushing the Magento Cache and checking the frontend

Save the configuration and flush the Magento Cache from the Cache Management section of the Magento Admin. Afterward, reload the frontend, add a product to your cart and you should be able to see the Carousel, as well as the option to add a Coupon Code. Congrats!

Quick Cart Coupon and Carousel

Download the extension here: Magento 2 Quick Cart Extension