How to change logo in Magento 2: The easiest way

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How to change logo in Magento 2: The easiest way

One of the main perks of using Magento 2 is the possibility to customize the website to your needs. Your online store will be 100% as you want and you can easily personalize it thanks to the user-friendly interface of Magento 2. 

The Magento 2 platform allows you to customize everything down to the smallest detail, including changing the site logo. The logo is the representative visual element that differentiates your business and your website from the others. For example, the logo helps users to easily identify your website when they see an advertisement and remember that they already bought products from you and they enjoyed them and now they want more. Also, the logo can increase the awareness of your brand.

Many webmasters do not pay attention to the logo, but customers and potential customers take this into consideration. Therefore, you can lose some potential customers if you don’t customize the logo. As we told you, Magento 2 offers you the opportunity to change the logo in a simple and fast way. We'll show you how you can make this change.

In order to change the logo, you need to follow three simple steps, for which you do not need advanced knowledge of technology.

1. Upload your logo

First, you need to upload your logo. It can be saved as an SVG, JPG, PNG, or GIF file type. The logo will appear in the header depending on the features of the installed theme and will have a certain size, set by you in advance.

The logo will be uploaded to the server, at this location:


The logo will appear in the header, in email templates, sales documents, and even invoices, but for the last ones, it is necessary to upload the file separately, with other dimensions (as requested by Magento 2). 

2. Upload frontend logo

  • Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration 
  • Under General choose Design 
  • For multiple stores set Store View and clear the checkbox after each field 
  • Expand the Header Section.

For Magento 2.1, you can find the Header Section following the next steps: 

  • Go to Content
  • Click on Configuration
  • Select your theme
  • You will see the Header Section

Next, all you have to do is to upload the new logo. You can do this following the next steps: 

  • Click on Choose File and chose the logo file from the computer
  • Enter the logo dimensions (width and height)
  • Enter the text you want to appear next (in the Logo Image Alt)

3. Check and save

The final step is to check the result and to Save Config. 

As you can see, it is very simple to change the logo of your website. As we told you, everything can be customized when it comes to Magento 2 and we really recommend you to try as many options as possible until you find the ideal appearance for your online store.

We recommend you choose different Magento 2 extensions, free or paid so that you can enjoy the platform to the fullest and offer your customers the best experience. You can opt for different extensions, grouped according to their purpose:

  • Marketing and analytics
  • Optimization
  • User experience 
  • Order management

In conclusion, if you want to change your logo, now you know how to do it, simple and fast! If you have any questions or if you want more details about Magento 2 Extensions, please contact us anytime!

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