How to increase your conversion rate with the WeltPixel Ajax Add to Cart Popup?

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How to increase your conversion rate with the WeltPixel Ajax Add to Cart Popup?

One of the most important elements to running a successful online store is how you market and present your products to potential customers, as well as to existing or returning customers that are interested in purchasing from you again. Magento comes with key tools that can help you shine the spotlight where it matters, and today we'll be focusing on Related, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell Products.

These product types, if used correctly, can help secure more conversions. Whether it be via advertising an item that goes together with a product the customer is interested in, or simply showing them a more expensive, higher quality product to pique their interest, making use of these is essential to maximizing your revenue.

Aside from the usual Product Page and Cart, there aren't very many places on a store that Related, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell Products can be advertised. This is where we come in with an intuitive solution that can help you put other products directly into the spotlight when it matters most: when your customer has just added a product to their cart! Once an item is added to the cart, there's a high chance it'll be purchased, which means it's the perfect moment to show a Related Product or an Up-Sell, akin to striking the iron while it's hot!

With our Ajax Add to Cart Confirmation Popup, you can achieve the following:

  • Display a confirmation popup as soon as the customer adds a product to their cart, instead of the default Magento alert at the top of the page
  • Display a custom CMS Block in the Confirmation Pop-Pp in which you can add marketing info and other useful information for the customer
  • Display a Related Products Carousel
  • Display an Up-Sell Products Carousel
  • Display a Cross-Sell Products Carousel

Here's how to configure it!

Note: You'll need to be running the Quick View and Ajax Add to Cart PRO extension, updated to at least v1.10.9

Step 1 - Accessing the extension settings

Head to Admin -> WeltPixel -> Quick View and Ajax Cart Settings.

General Ajax Cart Settings

Step 2 - Enabling the Confirmation Pop-Up functionality

Expand the Ajax Cart General Settings tab and set the Enable Ajax Cart Confirmation Pop-Up setting to Yes.

Enable Confirmation Popup

Step 3 - Configuring the Confirmation Pop-Up

Configure the extension as desired. You can choose to display a CMS block of your choosing, or a Related, Up-Sell, or Cross-Sell Product Carousel. You can even choose titles for the Pop-Up itself or for the Carousel you chose to display.

Pop-Up Configuration Settings

Step 4 - Flushing the Magento Cache

Save the configuration and flush the Magento Cache from the Cache Management section of the Magento Admin.


Step 5 - Test out the Confirmation Pop-Up

Test it out by adding a product to the cart on the front end!

Confirmation Popup Frontend