Magento Commerce Vs Commerce Cloud

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Magento Commerce Vs Commerce Cloud

Sometimes Magento versions are confused and entrepreneurs say they can't tell the difference between them. Most of the time, the confusions start from insufficient information, but with a little patience to read and gather information, anyone can see what is the difference between the versions.

Each version of Magento brings features that you can use at full capacity only on a specific version and that you can enjoy without much effort. The whole Magento concept has been designed to offer all entrepreneurs the opportunity to enjoy online stores even if they are not very good at technology and to be able to handle all the critical situations. Magento is intuitive to use in general and only some features require the help of a developer. After discussing in detail Magento 2 Open source vs Commerce, next, we will present to you the main differences between Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud.

Both Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud are paid versions of the platform. Magento Commerce is the standard version, for which you need to find web hosting, and the Magento Commerce Cloud version is hosted by Magento on AWS Stack. This way, you won't have to worry about anything: you just pay the annual fee and your online store will work perfectly!

If you want a perfectly functional and customizable platform, the Commerce Cloud version is the best, and next, we will present you with some of the reasons to choose it!


Fully Configured

This version can be fully configured due to the fact that the servers allow any change you want, given that they are set directly by the creators of the platform. Some features are only available on the Commerce Cloud version, so you will enjoy what this platform has to offer. You will no longer have to worry about the compatibility of the platform with the server, PHP, and other technical details. Magento Commerce Cloud is therefore fully configured in terms of server administration.


Rich Administrative Suite

Magento Commerce Cloud is superior to the Commerce version and due to a rich administrative suite, especially beneficial for very large companies. Thus, it offers B2B Modules, ElasticSearch, Segmentation, Content Staging, Visual Merchandiser, Page Builder, Instant Purchase, and many more. This version is perfect even for business-to-business operations.


Page Speed ​​Enhancements

Since we are referring to hosting on AWS servers, specially configured, page speed will be superior to the other versions of Magento. If you want to further optimize this aspect, you can choose Magento 2 Extensions to help you and which are specially made for the Cloud version. Forget hard-loading pages and various tricks to load high-quality images without affecting page speed. Magento Cloud offers you Fastly Image Optimization!


Performance and memory

Since we are talking about AWS servers, configured by Magento, you will benefit from the improved performance of your website. The Magento team works non-stop to offer you the best features that improve the performance of websites so that all customers are satisfied and remain loyal. You don't have to worry about the available memory either, the available space being enough to support even the most complex online stores, with a flow of thousands of customers per hour

So, as you can see, Magento Commerce Cloud is preferable, but the final choice is yours!