Magento Responsive Theme: Pearl Theme

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Magento Responsive Theme: Pearl Theme

An online store can be exactly the tool you need to upgrade your business or start a new business. Today, more and more people choose to shop online because it is simpler, faster and helps them save valuable time, which they can spend with the family or doing what they like the most. However, it is not as simple as it seems to own an online store, especially if you do not understand the basic concepts.

One of these concepts is the way your website behaves, more precisely the page load speed and the ease of navigating from one section to another. Did you know that if the website is not responsive, you will lose customers and orders? No customer will spend time on your website if they have to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load or to update the cart.

The way a website is responsive depends on several criteria and one of them is the interface, more precisely the theme. In order to be successful in the digital era, you need a responsive theme that will attract as many customers as possible.

If you want to not get complicated and go safe, it would be best to opt for a website based on the Magento 2 platform, in which to incorporate a responsive theme, that will help you a lot. Next, we will tell you which is the best theme and why to choose it. 

The Pearl Theme - Magento Responsive Theme

The theme we recommend to you is called Pearl and is the most documented theme for Magento on the market, at the moment. Pearl Theme is developed by Welt Pixel and is compatible with Magento 2. It offers the website a clean, modern, and beautiful design that will attract visitors and convince them to stay on the page and buy the products or services you sell. The Pearl Theme is made for online fashion stores, but it is definitely suitable for anyone who wants a responsive theme, with a simple and attractive design at the same time.

An interesting thing to mention is that the Pearl Theme is not just a custom Magento 2 theme, but it is a theme made from scratch, which allows you to customize your website down to the smallest detail.

When it comes to technical aspects, Pearl Theme has the ability to be responsive due to a combination of factors. First of all, it is a theme made on Blank / Luma Architecture, which fits perfectly with many Magento 2 Extensions. Thus, the probability that the loading speed of the theme is affected by a conflict between the theme and extensions is eliminated from the start.

On our website, you will find many Magento 2 Extensions, and next, we will mention some of the most popular ones: 

Another aspect that helps the Pearl Theme to be responsive is the fact that you can activate only those modules you need, without the unused ones running in the background and hindering the responsiveness of the website.

Pearl Theme has many advantages, not only the fact that it is responsive, so we must mention the other ones:

  • 25+ WeltPixel Extensions Included 
  • Responsive Banner Slider 
  • SEO Page Title Overwrite 
  • Google Analytics Tracking and many others

So, if you want your website to be responsive, choose the Pearl Theme and you will notice its advantages.