WeltPixel Partner Program Updates.

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WeltPixel Partner Program Updates.

Howdy Partners! We're glad to announce that we've made a few changes to our Partner Program recently, which include a new benefit, as well as an updated method of joining the program. First thing's first, the new perk entails a Pearl Theme Agency License Key for your agency's domain! You can use this license key to build a presentation store, or for development purposes whereby you can set up development environments on your own domain for each of your clients (client1.yourdomain.com, client2.yourdomain.com, etc.) Pretty neat, huh?! Here's a list of the other perks in case you don't know them:


  • Priority Support for Developers & Web Agencies
  • Leads for custom development services
  • Up to 45% discount for all WeltPixel products
  • One additional license for demo or development purposes on your domain
  • Early access to product releases
  • Direct communication with Dedicated Manager
  • Badge on official WeltPixel partners page
  • Mentions on WeltPixel media channels


We've also introduced a new condition for Partner Program eligibility. As such, the two methods of becoming eligible are as follows:

  1. By paying a fee of $1000.
  2. After spending a total $4000/year on WeltPixel Products.

This'll net you all of the benefits of the Partner Program that we went over above, including the initial 25% discount applied to all products on the WeltPixel store.

For more details on how the Partner Program works, visit the Partner Program page. You can also check out a list of our existing partners here: WeltPixel Partners.

If you meet the eligibility conditions and would like to apply directly, open up a ticket with our Support Team and they'll let you know the next steps!

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