Why Magento 2 is the best - 7 reasons to choose this eCommerce platform

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Why Magento 2 is the best - 7 reasons to choose this eCommerce platform

You've probably heard that Magento is the best eCommerce platform, but you didn't know exactly why. Today, many entrepreneurs choose Magento and realize how much it helps them every day. It is a complex platform, which provides you with many features and which can be used both by new entrepreneurs, who have no experience in online commerce or business in general, but also by experienced entrepreneurs. Here are the reasons why Magento is the best!


1. Affordable

Whether you have just opened a business or want to expand online, Magento is an affordable option that is worth considering. You can start with the free version if you want to get acquainted with it and see if it offers you everything you need or you can directly choose the paid version, especially if you already have a customer base and you know for sure that your business will be successful.


2. 24/7 support

If you do not want to hire a team to take care of your online store, you should know that you can always rely on the Magento Team for help. Regardless of your problem, you will receive support as soon as possible.


3. Used by top businesses

When you think of launching an online store, you usually want to have the best examples. Thus, you look at successful online stores and start analyzing them to see how they are built, how they are organized, how fast the pages load, what information is offered to visitors, and so on. You should know that Magento is used by big businesses such as Nike, Mothercare, Rebecca Minkoff, Olympus, and others.


4. Excellent features

The main reasons an entrepreneur chooses the platform for their online store are the offered features. Magento excels when it comes to features and some of them can not be found on other eCommerce platforms.

The most popular feature is its modular architecture. With its help, webmasters can customize in the smallest details the way the website looks (frontend) and also offer full access to the backend. For example, you can install a Magento 2 Banner Slider and thus you will be able to attract the attention of customers with new offers or products.

Given that Magento is also for people who are not very good at technology, you will be able to enjoy a very simple Inventory Management system, which will allow you to upload their products and images in a very short time.

Multi-store management, responsive design, elevated mobile search rankings are just some of the features you can enjoy thanks to Magento.


5. Conversion-boosting opportunities

Magento also helps you when it comes to selling products. Thus, it allows you to create coupons, encourage potential customers to buy products, and provides you with numerous upselling and cross-selling tools.


6. SEO Optimization

From an SEO point of view, Magento is the best existing platform. It gives you the ability to optimize content down to the smallest detail, including the Magento 2 Google XML Sitemap and Search Engine Friendly URLs.


7. The best extensions

Magento offers thousands of Magento Extensions, both free and paid. At WeltPixel you will find the most popular Magento extensions, including the Mega Menu Magento 2 extension, which allows you to organize your menu structure and content as you wish.



These were just five of the reasons why Magento is the best eCommerce platform and why it deserves your attention. As for the rest of the reasons, we invite you to discover them as you use the platform.