What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

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What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

The term "Cloud" is often used when it comes to online services, but only a few really understand what it means. Cloud offers secure and stable online data hosting services. These can be images, documents, all kinds of files, and even websites.

For online stores, there are two types of web hosting: cloud and on-premises. On-premise allows you to install the website on any server you want and you have full control over its infrastructure. Many entrepreneurs prefer it for safety reasons, but the costs are not necessarily low, especially if it is a small and new business. Instead, cloud hosting allows you to install the website on a network of physical and virtual servers, at a much lower cost.


Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento has realized that more and more entrepreneurs need full services, including cloud hosting so that the whole process is much easier and even people who are not very good at technology can work without help. Thus, in 2016 the Magento Commerce Cloud service was launched.

Magento Commerce Cloud is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution that runs on Amazon Web Services servers. It is one of the most used PaaS solutions in the world and is recognized for its capabilities. It is an automated hosting platform for Magento Commerce software and is addressed to all merchants, including those with a high sales volume.


Why choose Magento Commerce Cloud?

Opting for Magento Commerce Cloud you choose the complete solutions from Magento and enjoy the latest features, sometimes in premiere. Also, some Magento 2 Extensions are made for Cloud Edition only, so there's an extra reason to opt for this version. You can even enhance the front-end experience for your customers with custom front-end themes, such as the Pearl Theme for Magento 2, which is fully compatible with Magento Commerce Cloud.

Magento Commerce Cloud offers many benefits, including:

  • Page Speed ​​Enhancements - Customers want quality images or videos in order to know exactly what they will buy, but these types of large uploaded files will compromise the loading speed of the website; one solution to avoid this problem and not to compromise on image quality is to use an extension for image optimization, compatible with Commerce Cloud.
  • Easy Customization and High Scalability - No matter how much traffic your website receives daily, Magento Commerce Cloud adapts and so you will not have any problems when a promotion is active and many users enter the website at the same time.
  • As we said earlier, you can install any kind of extension, such as the Mega menu Magento 2 Extension, for more control over the design of your store, or even the Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 Extension for enhanced eCommerce tracking capabilities.
  • Enhanced Security - Many people believe that Magento Commerce Cloud does not provide the security they need, but practice has shown that it is a 100% secure platform
  • Ease of use - As we said, it is an intuitive solution, ideal even for people who are not so familiar with technology.
  • Support - It is important to know that you can always rely on the Magento Team to help with any problem that may arise.
  • Last but not least, it features a lot of business-to-business eCommerce functionality.

In conclusion, if you want an online store that will meet your needs, we recommend you to choose the complete Magento 2 solutions, including Magento Commerce Cloud!

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